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I just realized that the large black circles don't count as a collision point. That is a bit unintuitive.

Thanks again for the feedback @aphoenix. Totally agree with your points.. Especially this one. I was going to add a checkpoint right at the start, or even add the word checkpoint somehow, but skipped it.

I like doing reviews of stuff.

Good bones to this game! I think it has potential!

I think that there are a few other things that could make for interesting gameplay:

  • destructible towers. Destroy them with the bullets or run a red into a blue, or a blue into a red to make them "purple" and defuse them
  • vision - don't let the red ones shoot unless they have vision on you.

Also, I think a pause and simple pause screen with the following would be pretty awesome to stick in there.

  • Options: Music: Enable / Disable
  • Exit game

Controller integration was great.

Difficulty curve is good; it took a few deaths for me to realize what was happening, but I got the hang relatively quickly.

I think that the death screen could benefit from some different information; information about the current run would be good to have in there.

The graphics are a bit basic; an art refresh would be a good "version 2" thing.

176.05 current best for 0.1